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Urgent Spells Cast for all recent situations. Just £70 for your swift spell cast

Emergency spells.£70

Please read all of this page before ordering.

You and you alone can tell how urgently you need spell work. If you need help now, today, not tomorrow then this is for you. Sometimes you know that something needs to be done now and you want a spell to bring about action, not someone who wants to talk about it.

Before you order these powerful spells you need to be sure that magic and spell work is the answer for you, but then you must already know that or you would not be here looking, would you?

Spells are cast for many reasons, love spells for existing love or love spells to find new love, curse reversing spells and spells cast to change your luck but what would constitute an emergency spell casting? Well that’s simple. These are the spells for when all else has failed. Spells for when time is of the essence and every day delayed is a day lost They are for the times when only the most powerful of spell casting will do and for when you want no questions asked spell work. A time that is past the planning stage, a spell for when the time for action is NOW! these spells are emergency spells though, and they are not suitable for situations that have been going on for a long time (more than 7 to 10 days) or when your situation is something that has declined over a period of time, they are single spell casts, they are not suitable for ongoing situations unless it is for one specific aspect of it or something new has arisen. With ongoing situations, whether I or someone else has worked on it, these spells may be used as a very temporary measure but they are unlikley to be the solution..  

If that is the case then I would suggest that you look at the normal spell pages above, as those are cast differently.  The emergency spells are ideally suitable for things that have happened in the last 24 to 48 hours or things that you have only just found out about.  The idea is that we can strike while the iron is hot so to speak, and attempt to turn the situation around before any further problems arise.  If your situation is long-standing, or over 10 days old then please do not order the emergency spell.  If you need advice please contact me and I am happy to look into the situation for you prior to suggesting any possible spell work.

Sometimes you may think “I want a spell cast”, on those occasions emergency work is not for you as its best to talk about magic and how it can help. On other occasions you will think “I NEED a powerful spell crafted”, on this occasion emergency magic spell work is for you.

The emergency spells

Spells crafted to bring back your lover, spells can stop you losing out to a love rival 

Protection spells, others may have spells cast against you.

Spells to remove a curse. The quicker you act the easier to remove a curse cast against you.

Job spells. Help you get the job you want, its no good tomorrow when you need the spell today.

Powerful blessing spells, there are times when we all need that little bit of help that only a spell casting can bring. 

Magic is a powerful thing and I would usually urge caution when requesting the most powerful spells that can be cast, but there are times when caution must be cast aside and when the power of nature needs to unleashed now, those times are when we use emergency spells for results now and talk later.

Ask yourself these questions if in doubt;

Has this situation happened in the last 24 to 48 hours?

Has the situations been going on for a long time (more than 7 to 10 days)?

Do I WANT or NEED a spell cast?

Am I jumping to conclusions over the matter in hand?

IMPORTANT; These spells may not neccesarily instantly fix your situation, they are designed to get things underway and for some situations it will be enough, but dont place an order for an emergency spell for a situation which is long running and expect it to fix it all. They can in some instances be used to get a hold or halt a sitaution whilst a longer term or proper plan is made.


All emergency spells are cast within 8 hours often much lessClick to Order £70