Spell Craft by UK Witch

Louisa Genuine UK Witch and Online Psychic

The types of spell craft that I use are very wide. my favourites and the ones that I use on a regular basis for my clients are traditional witchcraft, which includes Lunar magic, Angel Magic, and Wiccan spell craft. I also use voodoo for complicated or ongoing stubborn cases, and I must state here that this is not BLACK MAGIC, not at all. used in the right way voodoo can be a very positive type of magic and all of my spell work is positive in nature. even if your situation seems impossible or definitely not positive in nature at this point in time, I will still use positive magic as what we are after is a positive result! always!


You always have choices, I will want to help you to the best of my ability, but I also want you to be happy with the type of spell work that I am going to be carrying out for you and this includes making sure that you are happy with the type of spell.

If you love and believe in the angels then maybe that will be the type of work that appeals to you, and so we may decide to use the angelic realms to help in our work. If that feels like something that you just cant believe in, then maybe the moon and her phases holds more appeal? or If earth traditions and the goddess based reality is more the sort of thing that resonates with your inner being then maybe that will be the one that you choose?


The other types of working that I use on a regular basis are voodoo, this has a bad name in some parts, and my own workings which work on a karmic level, being a mixture of more than one tradition as well as using some karma board work. Although this can be seen as "fashionable" these days, I have been using it for years and often find that it helps in ways that the other traditions alone are unable to.