Spell Craft by UK Witch

Louisa Genuine UK Witch and Online Psychic

Recasting of Reconciliation Spells, Love Spells and other Fixing Spells , Healing Relationships, and Returning Lost Lovers.

The casts that I offer are exceptionally good value for money. Especailly so as I also offer some free of charge spell castings and craftings. This differs according on which spell you have booked with me, but the intense spell casts have a free of charge re-cast which means that you will get double for your money. If you havent seen firm signs of success within the 5 weeks from the end of the spell cast then you can ask me to recast the whole spell again for you. All you need to do is contact me and tell me the whole situation as it stands and I will ask you a few questions and then I will start your recast. If your booking with me was one of the more simple spells then you will be entitled to have a free of charge booster spell cast. This tops up what I have done and refreshes all of the points to re-invigorate it and push your spell harder towards your target or outcome. There will never be an issue where I say you are not entitled. There are no ifs and no buts. You wont have done something to invalidate this promise and you will be able to have the recast or the booster if you havent had full success. If you have had your full manifestation then you wont need it anyway. This is of course at my discretion as it is a bonus and not a right, but you wont get a whole load of excuses from me, I always stick to my word. I have never had a client that didnt get a recast that they were entitled to, so as you can see this is a way of working and helping people, with some free of charge work as a thank you for your booking with me if I dont manage to get your result within 5 weeks from the end of your casting work.

Re-Castings, keeping in touch and spell help and support along the way.

The time that you need to wait for your spell to manifest is very fair. I set it at 5 weeks from the end of the cast but in special circumstances I do go straight into the re-cast rather than wait, but that depends wholly on your situation and whether it is essential that we keep the pressure on. This isnt the case for first time clients usually, but it is worth asking. The reason I set the 5 weeks is that full manifestion for a true witch crafting and casting genuine spells can be months for bigger cases or situations that have been wrong for years, and its acknowledged with most witches for normal cases to be within 13 weeks. When something has been a problem for years it stands to reason that it will possibly take quite some time to change it back and turn the situation around to what you want. It didnt change to bad overnight so we cannot expect it to change to good overnight.
But a witch is usually taught to go with 13 weeks for casts to manifest. By me saying 5 weeks I am allowing some of the manifestation time to pass but not all of it. Usually people see something in this time. I dont like to leave it too long to get a recast going, we dont want things to slip. But at the same time, to be fair to me, I like to allow time for something to happen!!

Now during this 5 week waiting time some people like to keep in touch with me, updating me still and we can keep that ongoing support there if you want it. Should you not want to do that, then thats fine too. Just get in touch when you feel the need and we can go over the recast if you havent got your result yet.
I am not afraid to keep in touch with my clients. I know some practitioners like to 'get rid' of the client as quickly as possible. Some after a cast has finished, others even after payment! But I believe that you can benefit from us being in touch. Of course I cant chat all day I dont have the time for that and I'm sure you wouldnt want that anyway. But if you want to stay in touch with me, then thats fine and I will offer my support all the way through. I am approachable and realistic, I will always advise from the heart..

To recap and simplify the recast process, my spells have a recast available free of charge or a free of charge booster spell for the smaller or less intense spells. If you havent seen success in 5 weeks from the end of your casting. 

** This is a full recast of the whole spell for the more intense spells and a This means that if you are booking an intense spell that you have the security of double what you are paying for, if booking an intense spell for a really difficult situation and if I havent got a result for you by the time 5 weeks have passed from the end of your casting then you will get it cast again totally free of charge and with no ifs or buts. 

*The spells that this applies to have a booster spell - 1 free of charge casting. The ones that qualify for a free of charge booster spell have * next to them. If in doubt please ask me.