Spell Craft by UK Witch

Louisa Genuine UK Witch and Online Psychic

If you are in despair or suffering after losing your lover, or another issue in your life that just wont budge despite spells being cast then you could be in the right place now. As well as the other spell castings on my website I can also work with a slightly pushier list of workings, but these are only available by arrangement and after I have looked into an issue, block or problem that you have. Something that is seriously affecting your life, and is either making you sad, depressed or beholden to another through circumstances that are out of your control. This is private and confidential spell working at its best. I work very closely  with you for this spell working series. This spell work is also available for love and relationship situations that have got out of control, broken up to your despair, or if you have worked some other manipulation type work which you are now worried or scared about. I can neutralise that work, and then put a positive spin on it or work with the energies to take them to a level that is equally powerful, but not scary or threatening. This work is available all at one fair and fixed price £320 that is for the main subject you need fixing or repairing. All my work is custom.. These casts are available after consultation only, by arrangement with me. Please contact me if this sound like what you are looking for. I dont have a fixed amount of workings for this slightly darker work, but I do what you need done. On average I cast these spells over 18 Days. But it can take me a little longer at times and it can be quicker too! Please note, I will be working with you for at least 10 days. 

Also, its worth me mentioning that I find that sometimes love affairs have broken down and gone wrong for no apparent reason or for something so silly or minor you just have to wonder whats going on? or if you have been hexed even. This is quite rare but it does happen, and I can check for that.

As you may already know, my speciality is fixing relationships, returning lovers and love spell work, I do not paper over the cracks or aim for a quick fix! This may sound like a good idea but proper spell workings have to be underpinned and secured, so that the energies and the powers can get out there and get to work and your result has the best chance of being longstanding or permanent even! . I hear from many people who are seeking someone to cast for them, a witch that cares, and knows what they are doing to cast their love or love reconciliation spell and having worked throughout my life as a witch, its all natural to me. I cast every day, my main workings are for love and reconciliation these days. But I do work with all sorts of problems that people bring to me. I know a lot about this area. I work with the imbalances that can cause these love problems and relationship break ups and quite often some small error between a couple will have the power to cause a break up. These imbalances are quite easily resolved and sometimes this is all it takes. I have a special love workings that we can often try first, but equally these more pushy casts do help to get the job done first time! You and I can often turn a whole situation around and make it work for both partners again. These techniques are powerful and not suitable for those 1 week relationships, there are better spells for those! What I do and how I work isn’t known to many but I have crafted my own versions at this pushy level and at a less intense spell for the simple cases. Most people know if their case is simple or not! But Not All.

Your booking can be made by Clicking Here, only after checking in with me. If in doubt please get in touch Here

 Please be certain that you would like to engage in this high level of casting,its safe and will not damage your karma,if you are still unsure, enquiries are always welcome. Click to Contact Me