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Spell crafting and casting genuine spells with English Witch Louisa

All of my spell crafting is by arrangement and is custom tailored to your situation. My spells are not standard spells; my service is not a standard service. I craft my spells here at home, on my altar in my own private space. The resulting spells will be the best that they can be. I work on honest and truthful situations for people who need that help and have nowhere to turn. So if your need for a spell is urgent and you are worried, scared or in despair ask me how I can help with my specially crafted spells and the spell castings that I do. These are top quality spells and you will get a top quality service if you decide to book your spell with me and trust me with your delicate or urgent situation. I know what I am doing with my spell crafting and my spell cast. I do them every day and I have cast spells for all sorts of problems for many years so I have a lot of experience.

Please ensure you also read my free of charge recasting page. Click HERE to go there  now.

I craft and then cast all sorts of spells, but my speciality is returning lovers and lover spell work. I find so many people are seeking someone that cares to cast their love or love reconciliation spell and I know a lot about this area. I work with the imbalances that can cause these love problems and relationship break ups and quite often some small error between a couple will have caused a break up. These imbalances are quite easily solved and sometimes this is all it takes. I have a special love working that we can often try first and that is often enough to change the whole situation around and make it work for both partners again. This technique isn’t known to many but I have crafted my own version and it’s worth trying with love affairs that have broken down and gone wrong for no apparent reason or for something so minor you just have to wonder if you have been hexed. 

When this is the case the crafting of this this lovely specialist love spell or reconciliation spell can really make all the difference. It is a love spell of course but with a twist and when together we decide it is worth trying this first before we get into the crafting of the heavier love or reconciliation spells I will put my all into it for you and together we hold on with a clear and set intention to bring the change you need and your lover coming back! But sometimes it is more complex, and we need to face facts and understand that there is a deeper or bigger problem or even a 3rd party or love triangle involved. Then we go over this between us and work on our ideas, or more correctly I put my ideas to you and you can think and consider them. We are in this together! I am very hands on and I like to work closely with my client and this really builds the power and helps to get that result for you! But love work and love and reconciliation spells are my speciality and I have achieved success when people have lost hope or been let down elsewhere. I am a genuine person and a real witch, I live it and I breathe this. Every day. It’s not just my profession or my job it really is my life as people that have worked with me know.

I use a range of love spells, they are all crafted from scratch with your personal details. These love spell and rebuilding of love spells being my speciality.

We are all capable of shaping our own destiny, just sometimes we need a helping hand to get going along a new path or help with renewing aspects of an old one. My spell techniques all include a measure of healing of the emotions to help with disturbances of your energy system as we work through towards the repair of long term or difficult situations. I do not believe in covering up difficulties, or papering over the cracks! This is never effective long term, and you may find you are back to square one very quickly if you use those methods. My spell crafting and leading on to the actual spell casting makes sure we are dealing on the real problem. All my spell work is individually tailored and every client that comes to me is equally important, this is how I work and I give time and dedication to my clients to ensure that their spells are the very best that they can be and the most effective spells for their situation. 

The people I meet through my work enrich my life in a way that I could have only dreamed of when I started this journey. I am happy to work with all that approach me as long I feel that I can honestly help, and it does not go against my code of ethics. I do not carry out black magic. this is not because I don't believe in the power of black magic spell, I actually know quite a lot about the dark arts, but I choose to work with white magic spells and I find that this method of spell casting works very well without the need for the risks associated with black magic spells.

My spell workings are all very powerful, but also totally safe, love spells being my speciality, and I ensure that my protections are strongly enforced whilst I am working for you so nothing can affect you adversely or back fire. It is my belief that a lot of care needs to be taken when starting out with a spell, your intentions always need to be clear and your focus too. That is why in emotionally charged situations it is sometimes better to have a spell cast on your behalf. Spell casting starts with a purpose, brings in your detailed request, then the occult/magical energy is added, this is then sent out to do its work and move towards manifestation of your dreams and desires. A great deal of my work is to reconcile a relationship by casting love spells, and I love my work. If you have tried many love spells without success just let me know and I can craft something totally different for you! to look at my custom spell page click here All of my love spells are custom spells, I always use your specific details and situation to work the spell, and cast the spells accordingly. This is the best way of getting a truly detailed spell, whether that is for love spells, reconciliation spells or any other situation that needs a helping hand through spell casting.

My spells also have a recast available free of charge if you havent seen success in 5 weeks from the end of the casting. This is a full recast of the whole spell for the more intense spells and a free of charge booster spell for the smaller or less intense spells. This means that if you are booking an intense spell that you have the security of double what you are paying for, if booking an intense spell for a really difficult situation and if I havent got a result for you by the time 5 weeks have passed from the end of your casting then you will get it cast again totally free of charge and with no ifs or buts. The spells that this applies to have ** next to them. The ones that qualify for a free of charge booster spell have * next to them. If in doubt please ask me.