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Healing by Louisa

I also use various methods of Healing, and offer a free distant healing service. Please use the form below to request healing, and please remember your full details so I can help you! I am a reiki master, having trained in this ancient art 15 years ago and have studied reiki and healing in many forms, including a wide variety of reiki traditions and techniques, and I have also worked extensively with the violet flame attunements and Archangel and Ascended masters healing works. my distant healing is free, more complicated cases can be worked on, but a small charge would apply for those.  Please ask me if your interested about this. 

To add yourself or a loved one to the healing list please fill in the form below.  I will confirm receipt for you and add you to my healing list.  Please note that you can ask for healing for a third party, but please refrain from doing this if you know it would go against their beliefs or wishes.  If you do not know how they would feel about it I can still add them to the list as the higher self would reject the healing if it was not something that they were happy about, and no harm would be done.