Spell Craft by UK Witch

Louisa Genuine UK Witch and Online Psychic

Business spells cast for you, spells crafted to help to turn an ailing business around, or new business off of the ground.

  • New business boost
  • Help Boost Staff in business
  • Help Failing business
  • Help Gain Clients in business
  • Work Ethic of Staff
  • Get NEW business off of the ground
  • Improve Sales in existing business
  • Help Recover Debts in business
  • Protect a Business
  • And Much Much More please ask me for a custom crafted spell

The spells that I work for business are a little different to the other castings I do. I work 2 different type of business spell and they can be used in combination or as stand alone spells. I will always advise and offer the options to my business 

clients and then work out a tailored way of doing this. It is very important that this is worked in a committed way between us in order to get the best from the spells.

There is no reason why a standalone spell cannot work and that be the end of the situation, some businesses or start ups respond well to that and it’s all that is needed. Other business find that its worthwhile to have a combination of the casts and then decide if that’s enough when things start to turnaround. Maybe having a top up from time to time. Bigger businesses have ongoing work but they are usually aware of that at the time of arranging and planning. I am very flexible with my approach and the success rate for these spells is high. I’m not saying I will be taking over the running of your business! I’m sure you wouldn’t want that anyway, but my work is a good advantage to have and some use it like their secret weapon!

  • Business Spells, simple and straightforward spells craft for your business. This is ideal for the small or temporary problems, those that crop up and cause miggling worries. These things are often caused by blocks and having those blocks removed can be all that you need to be done.  Most people see a significant difference very quickly after clearing work is undertaken. Business help can usually be cast very quickly after booking. As this is crafted for you from scratch I can cover all manner of subjects.  Please ask if you are unsure. The business spell is cast each day over 7 days and is £125

  • Business Spells, Intense and deep to bring real change and to support you through busy or difficult times. Ideal for business increase and supplementing the efforts that go into business growth and expansion. This can help with getting unpaid debts settled as well as increasing your customer base, keeping staff in line, protecting and safe guarding your business. There are many uses of this spell and as its crafted from scratch there are no limits. I will need full details of your business to ensure the best possible result for you.  This a powerful, intense & direct spell cast daily over 2 weeks.  £225