Spell Craft by UK Witch

Louisa Genuine UK Witch and Online Psychic

I am Louisa, I am in my  50's, and I am a natural solitary witch and psychic. I work from home, although I have at various times worked in spiritual organisations and for other people, however for the last 29 years I have worked as a solitary witch and clairvoyant and I find that this existence suits me. These days.
I work full time from home, a small cottage, with a rambling garden, but mainly on the internet as this way I can work with a wider group of people and help them find their paths..
Family and friends are very important to me, and  I also live alongside a selection of animals including up to 9 cats, some who only pop in to visit me! although I like my own

company I find that I often have a variety of friends and family dropping by from this world and the spirit world. With 50 plus years of life experience as well as spell crafting, psychic, and spiritual experience. I believe in telling it like it is, I have been called blunt, but I believe that its best to remain honest and ethical, and if that means being straight with someone then that's what I will strive to do. I am always caring and  I am friendly, approachable, cheerful, non judgemental, open minded and pretty much un-shockable! Everything you tell me is in complete confidence. (I do not share your information with anyone.)

We are all capable of shaping our own destiny, just sometimes we need a helping hand to get going along a new path or help with renewing aspects of an old one. My techniques all include a measure of healing of the emotions to helping to repair difficult situations. I do not believe in covering up difficulties, or papering over the cracks! This is never effective long term. All my work is individually tailored and every client that comes to me is equally important. the people I meet through my work enrich my life in a way that I could have only dreamed of when I started this journey. I am happy to work with all that approach me as long as

1;I feel that I can honestly help,


2;that it does not go against my ethics,

I am also a specialist in working with people who are looking to get a problem solved but have tried other methods without success. I find that tailored workings with a greater in depth understanding of a problem often helps here, and means that I often get results where others have not.

I offer honest advice on spell craft, and accurate psychic readings from my other website www.psychic-light.co.uk , I am sympathetic to all needs and I will listen and try to find the best way forward for you. I take my work very seriously  and I will always have your best interests at heart! I always work alone,  I do not have a secretary or any other helper, so you will always deal directly with me at all times, I believe that this offers a better and personal all round service. Most of my spell work is currently working on love problems/troubles and with clients in business, but I am also able to help you with any other worries for pretty much any situation. If you do not see your requirement in my list of spells I can create a custom working for you, which is nearly always at the same prices. My services are currently only available via email consultation, those who feel that they need initial telephone assistance or personal consultations would need to look elsewhere, lots of companies on the net provide this service, but as I work alone, my time is all spent carrying out your spell work, psychic readings or answering your emails. That is not to say that in an emergency I would not take a call/call you, that is possible in the event that it becomes necessary, but it is for emergency situations and I do not profess to offer telephone services as a rule.