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If you do not see your requirement in my list of spells, which are all tailored to your personal situation anyway, I can create a custom working for you, which is nearly always at the same prices, or very slightly increased.

Some of the spells, particularly the love spells when customised for your personal situation allow for five points of your choosing to be incorporated into the spell.  For example if you feel that fidelity is a particular problem, then I can add that in, that will be one point., or if you feel that communication between you is something that needs working on, then I can add that in, or you may feel there is there may be something more specific and personal that you would like contained within your spell.  This is the purpose of the customs spells as I build them around your definite requirements. 

This is not to say that the normal elements of reconciliation or love drawing are not included, of course they are!- those parts come as standard within the spells, depending on which when you have ordered.  Sometimes people find they need more healing, or forgiveness added in and that is the purpose of the five points.  This means that you are working very closely with me to get this spell to match your deepest desires to ensure an even stronger link and quicker manifestation of your needs and desires.  the five points are normally available on the custom love spells but also sometimes on the other custom spells please ask if you are in doubt. the spells the marked below with an  * Asterix on the order form on this page, definitely need the five points filled in, for all other spells please ask me before you start to list the points and I can confirm if they are needed/included or not.

Example of 5 Points   


This is an example of what a recent client of mine asked to be included in her five points.  Jane has given permission for me to use her information.

1; I would like to open up communication with Niall, so that we can talk openly and honestly without any ulterior motives being suspected.

2; I would like my spell to include an element that would help Niall to be faithful to me.

3; I want Niall to show his feelings more with kisses and cuddles, without embarrassment and in front of other people.

4; I want our relationship to be more passionate.

5; I would like Niall to be more comfortable with my family and friends so he does not appear so aloof and disinterested.

The above are just examples of things that you can include in your five points custom spell, this is a real example from a client has been used with her permission for the spell casting.  You may choose any points that you feel relevant to your situation as long as they are all for the same ends for example I cannot add in extra finances for a love spell it all has to be to do with the relationship casting or love spell.